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Java Wrapper for Puccini

This is a Java library for calling Puccini. It works by using a JNI shim library to call a shared library (.so) built from Puccini’s Go code. This is done in-process, so there’s no sub-process forking.

Note that we currently only support installation on 64-bit Linux.

The build requirements are Maven, gcc, and a full JDK. To install them on Fedora:

sudo dnf install mvn gcc java-11-openjdk-devel

To build the libraries:

mvn --file wrappers/java

The Puccini shared library as well as the JNI shim shared library will both be in the dist/ subdirectory. To use them you can either copy them into your operating system’s standard library path, or else set the path before running the JVM, e.g.:


Also see: Java examples.